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Growing Home Together!

We’re Rob and Joanna Teigen and we want to walk with you on this journey of faith and family.

Join us in prayer for a strong marriage and wisdom in parenting. We share uplifting advice and practical tools to help you grow closer to God and each other in every season of life.

The Heart Behind Growing Home Together

Home is where we can experience the greatest intimacy with God and the ones we love. Yet at the same time, home is where we see our brokenness. Our family relationships reveal how loving and compassionate, selfish or fearful we really are. At home, we know both the greatest joys and the pain that life will bring.

We know God wants to use your home to teach you to love more deeply. It’s where you can see God’s presence and power at work. At home, you can see the promises of the Bible are really true. God does provide. He does offer forgiveness and second chances. He brings healing and restores what’s broken between you.

Let’s grow homes–together–that love well, trust in God, and shine a light to a broken world.

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We’re Rob & Joanna Teigen

Thanks so much for being here. We’ve celebrated over 25 years of marriage and are loving life with two sons, three daughters, and a beautiful daughter-in-law. We share an addiction to coffee, bookstores, and Christmas music. We debate whether two dogs are enough and who should win “The Voice” every season. We’re a neat-freak married to a mess, an explorer to a homebody, and an introvert to a ‘people person.’ But we do agree that our vows are for always, children are a gift, and prayer is powerful.

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