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We’re Rob and Joanna Teigen and we want to walk with you on this journey of faith and family.

Join us in prayer for a strong marriage and wisdom in parenting. We share uplifting advice and practical tools to help you grow closer to God and each other in every season of life.

The Heart Behind Growing Home Together

Home is where we can experience the greatest intimacy with God and the ones we love. Yet at the same time, home is where we see our brokenness. Our family relationships reveal how loving and compassionate, selfish or fearful we really are. At home, we know both the greatest joys and the pain that life will bring.

We know God wants to use your home to teach you to love more deeply. It’s where you can see God’s presence and power at work. At home, you can see the promises of the Bible are really true. God does provide. He does offer forgiveness and second chances. He brings healing and restores what’s broken between you.

Let’s grow homes–together–that love well, trust in God, and shine a light to a broken world.

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Episode 39: How to End the Power Struggles and Connect with your Challenging Child–with Kirk Martin

Episode 39: How to End the Power Struggles and Connect with your Challenging Child–with Kirk Martin

I stood over my screaming child in her bedroom, making it as clear as possible that she was going to wear those pants OR ELSE! After a miserable two-hour tantrum, she was wearing those pants. But the victory in winning that battle was really a defeat of broken trust, hurt feelings, and distance between us.

Do you struggle to relate to your stubborn child? Does your son push your buttons and refuse to cooperate? Would your daughter rather argue that submit to the most simple request? Are your days together filled with stress, conflict, and resentment? In your heart, are you secretly afraid that your strong-willed child faces a future of failure or difficulty?

Today’s guest, Kirk Martin, is here with wisdom and proven strategies to transform your relationship with your challenging child.

Episode 38: How to Clean Up the Stress Mess in Your Child’s Body for a Healthy School Year—Interview with Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

Episode 38: How to Clean Up the Stress Mess in Your Child’s Body for a Healthy School Year—Interview with Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

Headaches. Bad Dreams. Upset tummies. Grumpy moods. Distracted attention. Aches and pains. Sugar cravings. Our kids can show us they’re stressed without even saying a word. As moms and dads, we know the worries and troubles of life can take a toll on our kids’ physical health and well-being. Today’s guest, Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean, is here to help us understand the effects of stress on our kids’ bodies as they grow.

Episode 37: The Seven Unique Stages of a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime — Interview with Jackie Bledsoe

Episode 37: The Seven Unique Stages of a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime — Interview with Jackie Bledsoe

This spring our daughter walked the aisle to say “I do” to the man who won her heart. As her mom and dad, we’re celebrating this season of firsts right along with them: Their first apartment, first shared trips and holidays as a married couple, and all the new discoveries they’re making about the one they love.

Yet we know that this newlywed season only lasts for a time. To grow and thrive, their relationship needs to move through specific stages of change and maturity. If a couple fails to move forward and becomes stuck in a certain stage—or “ring” as our guest Jackie Blesdoe describes—their marriage can struggle and fall apart.

We’re Rob & Joanna Teigen

Thanks so much for being here. We’ve celebrated over 25 years of marriage and are loving life with two sons, three daughters, and a beautiful daughter-in-law. We share an addiction to coffee, bookstores, and Christmas music. We debate whether two dogs are enough and who should win “The Voice” every season. We’re a neat-freak married to a mess, an explorer to a homebody, and an introvert to a ‘people person.’ But we do agree that our vows are for always, children are a gift, and prayer is powerful.

A Prayer for Today

It all begins with prayer. Whether it’s your marriage or your kids, or even your own heart’s struggles, we believe prayer is the key. We often post heartfelt prayers here to guide us through the week. We hope each prayer brings you hope and encouragement as you draw close to the Lord.

Lord, you have heard the cries of people of color for centuries.

You know the pain like no one else. Jesus, too, was “oppressed and afflicted” on this earth. (Isaiah 53:7) He too was judged and punished, “despised and rejected,” and “held in low esteem.” (vv. 8, 3)

In the end, Jesus gave his innocent life as an offering for the sins of hatred. Injustice. Abuse. Apathy. Pride and disobedience to your Word. He knew the suffering of oppression, and he bore the sins of the oppressors on the cross.

Lord, we need your light and power over the darkness in our world. Racism is tearing us apart. Voices are shouting for change and for justice. Families are broken and weeping the loss of their loved ones. We feel helpless—without you, we have no hope.


Forgive us for our stubborn blindness to the needs of our neighbors.

Forgive us for refusing to listen. We chose to cling to quiet and comfort for ourselves while peace and safety has been denied to so many. Give us humility to sit under the teaching of your wise ones who understand racism and mark a path to reconciliation. We need ears to hear and willing feet to follow.

We pray you will humble the hearts of our leaders and fill their mouths with words of peace. We need courageous men and women who will use their strength, positions of influence, and assets to protect and uphold all people. Give them humility to lead like Jesus, in that “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” and “the one who rules [is] like the one who serves.” (Mark 10:43, Luke 22:26)


What do we do, Lord?

By your Spirit, tell us when to speak and share your heart for racial reconciliation. Put our hands to the work of establishing equality here and now. As you expand our understanding of both your perfect will and the failings in our culture, move us to act on what we know. We long to lead a “good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:13,18) Move through this prayer for our family to make us both hearers and doers of your Word.


Finally, Lord, we plead with you to protect our child.

Rob Teigen and sonYou have clothed his sweet spirit in beautiful, biracial skin. His brown eyes sparkle when he laughs, and he twists his black curls around his finger when he’s deep in thought. Yet so many in this world are set against him, without even knowing his name. His creativity. His big heart that holds compassion and friendship for everyone in his life. Keep him under your wing as his refuge and shield from harm. (Psalm 91:4) Guide our parenting to prepare him for the world outside our door. Bring him honor and make him seen as one made in your image. Pour your love into him—and our family—so we shine your light wherever we go.


Thank you for your promises we can cling to in these times. We put our trust in Jesus, who “is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17) You are binding your people together from every nation, race, and tongue. We hold confidence and hope that both now and forever, you will “reconcile to [yourself] all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.” (v. 20) In you we find all that is good, right and just, and worthy of praise. Amen.



How we’re learning right now:

Michael Todd – Transformation Church 

Tony Evans – The Urban Alternative

Be the Bridge

Institute for Healing Racism – West Michigan 

Picture books for children

“How to Talk about Race with Your Kids” by Michelle Reyes

Comment with your suggestions for books, podcasts, videos, and articles about racial reconciliation so we can learn and serve together! 


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