How to Show Your Wife You Love Her This Valentine’s Day

Love Her on Purpose

January 30, 2018

Rob Teigen

Valentine’s Day is kind of cheesy. As guys, we’re pushed every year to buy cheap chocolate, overpriced flowers, and sappy cards. The pressure is on to create the perfect romantic moment for my wife. It’s tempting to just give up before I even try.


But if I’m honest, I want my wife to feel loved. I like the idea of taking a day to focus on how much she means to me. If I’m happy to remember my mom on Mother’s Day and party on the kids’ birthdays, why not make the most of celebrating the one I share my life with?


But I know with the demands on my time and attention, romance won’t just happen. It takes intentional focus. Romance means putting my iPhone away and making eye contact. It’ll require effort to break the routine for time together.  Investing in my marriage costs money for gifts and fun experiences. It asks me to get really honest and tell her why she’s important to me. Romance makes me step up and give the best I’ve got.


This year, my wife isn’t getting gas station flowers I grab at the last minute. She’s not getting a lame card from a picked-over shelf at the grocery store. We’re not eating take-out because every restaurant is booked. I’m going to love her on purpose—today—by reserving the sitter and planning a date we’ll both remember. It might be cheesy, but she’s worth it.


Are you in it with me for your own Valentine’s Day? Here’s a checklist to make it happen:

February 1:
Book a sitter.

February 3:
Make dinner reservations.

February 5:
Shop and buy/order a gift she’s been hoping for.

February 7:
Write a letter or find just the right card.

February 10:
Get a haircut.

February 12:
Wash and clean out the car.

February 13:
Pick up fresh flowers.

February 14:
Print our conversation starters for couples right here.


God bless you as your pursue your wife’s heart this Valentine’s Day, and every day of your life together.




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