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April 19, 2018

Rob Teigen

“88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates” is back, updated, refreshed, and with more tips and ideas for you dads who want to share not just some special moments, but a special life with your beautiful gift from God – your daughter. This updated version of the bestselling book (released April 17, 2018), contains new conversation starters and date night ideas for dads of teens. Whether you’ve read the original book or not, check out this updated version for a fresh perspective on how to invest in your relationship with your daughter. On sale for 30% off now in honor of its release!

*A Note from Author, Rob Teigen…

88 great daddy-daughter dates updated

Why a daddy-daughter date book? It all started when I met my wife, Joanna. I remember the restaurants, the flowers, the love notes, and the talking (all the talking). She loved it and fell for me since I was such a romantic guy. This was perfect—she married me and I was set!

Well, I believe we men often relax from all that relationship stuff after the “I do” and go back to life as usual. No more flowers, love notes, dinners out—and definitely less talking. I’ve spent my share of nights in bed looking at my wife’s back as she radiated silent misery over being shut out and ignored. Note to self: date my wife!

You may be saying, “Well, duh, Einstein.” But cut me a break. The whole “girl” thing was new to me. I was raised in a home with four boys. We collectively crushed my mom’s attempts to preserve a feminine touch in the house (I remember her weeping as her last collectible plate was smashed by one of us boys during an indoor water fight).

Joanna and I were married for almost two years when we were blessed with our first child, Josh. It was a good thing we had a boy first; God knew I still had a lot to learn about girls before he could trust me with a daughter. After a few years, he tried a new strategy to teach me about females: full immersion! He has blessed me with three daughters, and now I’m learning more about girls each day than I ever imagined.

Emma, Leah, and Anna have won my heart. They make me want to be the best husband and father I can be. I’ve spent hours on my knees praying and many more hours scratching my head, thinking, I don’t know if I understand these creatures, but the joy they bring makes it worth the effort to try!

Updated 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates

I found the passion to connect with my daughters, but not the tools. I also discovered that dads I knew felt just like me: they loved their little girls but felt ill-equipped to connect with them on a deeper level, especially in this fast-paced world where girls grow up way too fast.

So many voices surrounding our daughters tell them what they’re not: not thin enough, not stylish enough, not smart enough, not athletic enough, not, not, not. A dad can communicate to his daughter who she truly is: a beautiful child of a God who created her intentionally, has plans for her, and loves her with all his heart. This message is conveyed through time spent together, where affirmation, fun experiences, meaningful conversations, and prayers happen.

There are two primary challenges when it comes to spending time with our daughters: first, making it happen. Second, making the time meaningful. We all struggle with making it happen as we fall victim to the “I’ll do it next week” syndrome. Be intentional with your plans. Choose specific times to spend with your daughter, write them on your calendar, and stick to the plan as best you can. If you need to reschedule due to an unexpected conflict, put a new date on the calendar right away. This will assure your daughter of your commitment to spend time with her.

Dates with your daughter need to be not just entertaining but significant as well. You want to create an environment where you can hear how she’s doing and listen to her as she opens up.

This book is designed to help you with both of those elements. The “Grab” and “Go” sections listed for each date will help you plan your time and make it happen. You’ll get lists of supplies, find out if spending money is needed, and see if it’s an at-home activity or an outing. The “Grow” section of each date helps you connect on a deeper level with each other and with God. You’ll find questions to talk about, thoughts to share, Scriptures to read, and prayers to wrap up your time together. The last eight date ideas are “extreme dates,” which are special activities that require more planning or expense than a typical date. They also allow for a more significant amount of time together.

Updated 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates The dates in this book include a variety of indoor and outdoor, quiet and active, and seasonal and holiday-oriented activities. Some of the suggestions might not be your “thing,” but be brave and try a few anyway. If a date is just not flowing well or you run into obstacles like thunderstorms or car trouble, just drop everything and get some ice cream. (Ice cream is an integral part of both the Teigen family and this book. If you’re lactose intolerant, this may not be the book for you!) Stay flexible and remember that the dates are just tools, not rules. Your daughter won’t care if you are following the date to the letter—she just wants time with you.

I pray for God’s blessing on each dad who uses this book to connect with his daughter. May you find joy in winning her heart!

– Rob


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*This note is an excerpt from the introduction to 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates: Updated Version.


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