Episode 73: How to Cope with Transition Fatigue as a Family

June 6, 2023

Rob & Joanna Teigen

You may have heard of decision fatigue where you just have so many choices to make it can kind of be exhausting. Well, our family has been going through transition fatigue.

We have had so many transitions both as a family and as individuals over the last year and a half. These transitions have been everything from switching jobs, moving to a new house, saying our goodbyes as a family member moves overseas, and having a daughter graduate college. Each of these transitions on their own are a major event, but we have begun to feel the wear and tear as it has felt that life has been constantly changing.

As we approach this topic of transition fatigue and share what has been going on in our own life, this episode will look a little different from our normal. We hope this is an encouragement for you in whatever season of life you are currently in!

Rob and I share:

  • Some of the transitions our family has experienced recently
  • Practical tips as you experience transitions
  • How prayer can bind your family together
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation as we discuss how to navigate transition fatigue!



Our Takeaways:

1) Leave room for feelings. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your family members during this time of transition is to make space for each other to express and process feelings. Your family may be experiencing sadness, anger, stress, or even uncertainty about the future. Rather than doing what we call “passing stress around,” set aside time to pause and feel your feelings together or individually.

2) Find what you can keep the same. In the midst of transition, some of the first things to go is our routine. We skip date night to catch up on the to-do list or we put our kids to bed quickly rather than stick to the routine. When walking through transitions it’s important to keep as many things the same as possible. This helps minimize the changes and maintain what is important. You will find that these little things like a regular date night, reading to your children before bed, or sharing breakfast together will be your haven as you adjust to everything that is new.

3) Receive comfort and strength. Whether the transitions are welcome or not, God is still with you through those life changes. He is ready to provide comfort, encouragement, and strength. Lean on Him through these seasons and receive His comfort.


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