Our Top 10 Free Resources for Your Marriage

March 7, 2023

Joanna Teigen

Do you ever wonder, Why is it so hard to connect? How can we feel heard and understood? How do we tackle life’s hardships together? What does it mean to follow God as a couple? How can we grow a closer, happier relationship?

You’re not alone.

Here at Growing Home Together, we firmly believe that your marriage is of the utmost importance. However, connection isn’t easy. Especially in busy seasons, our marriage can easily be the first thing to go to the back-burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, we wanted to share some of our most popular resources on marriage with you. We hope they’re helpful in prioritizing your relationship this year!

Here are our top 10 free resources on marriage:

#1: How an Introvert and Extrovert Can Build a Happy and Understanding Marriage

Do you feel mismatched in your marriage today? Maybe your spouse wants to pack your weekend full of outings and family gatherings while you’re dreaming of quiet time on the couch with a good book? Perhaps holidays and special occasions stir up conflict because your ideas of “fun” are completely opposite? An introvert-extrovert marriage can struggle from misunderstanding, frustration, and feeling unheard and unloved. In this podcast episode, Holley Gerth and Jason Rovenstine are here to help us understand our spouse and thrive in our differences.

Listen to the episode here!


#2: Cross My Heart: 8 Rules for a Lasting Marriage

Make Sure Your Broken Record is a Good One

For a lasting marriage, we live out the commitment of our vows in practical ways every day. In our marriage, we’ve built closeness and trust by setting guidelines for how we treat each other. These eight “rules” protect our relationship from conflict, hurt feelings, and growing apart.

Read the article here!


#3: Fearless Love: A 21-Day Devotional for Couples

Fearless Love, A 21-Day Devotional for Couples is excerpted from our book Mr. & Mrs.: 366 Devotions for Couples. This inspiring devotional will draw you closer to God and each other every day of the year.

Find the resource here! (Just scroll down)


#4: How to Build the Love Life You’ve Always Hoped For in Your Marriage

We all come into marriage with certain “sexpectations” of what we’ll experience with our spouse. We look forward to romance, pleasure, and satisfaction over a lifetime of love together. But every couple struggles to sustain the passion. In this podcast episode, Gary Thomas comes with practical insight to help you and your spouse break down walls to build the love life you’ve always hoped for.

Listen to the episode here!


#5: A Prayer for You to Pray Over Your Marriage Today

“Fill us with compassion so forgiveness can wash every trace of bitterness from our hearts. Give us empathy for the insecurities and fears we each carry. Let mercy offer unconditional love that chooses to release the past and hold hope for tomorrow.” In this article, we share a prayer from our heart to yours that you can pray over your marriage, celebrating the beauty of your marriage and acknowledging areas that need to be addressed.

Read the prayer here!


#6: Mr. & Mrs.: A 5-Day Bible Reading Plan

Making time to become still before the Lord together is vital to a strong and happy marriage. Written specifically for couples, these five devotions will guide you to a deeper intimacy with each other and with God. The daily insights and advice will help you to grow closer to Him as you reconnect on a spiritual level in your quiet times together.

Start the 5-Day Reading Plan here!

#7: Practical Ways to Put the Joy Back into Your Marriage Today

Need a sign to know if your marriage is thriving or struggling today? The clues are standing at your own front door. If your stress goes up and your happiness goes down when your spouse comes through the door, chances are you’re suffering from a “joy gap” in your marriage. In this podcast episode, Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey are here with an encouraging message to help us grow closer and refresh the joy in our relationships.

Listen to the episode here!


#8: 5 Ways to Keep Christ at the Center of Your Marriage

A Christ-centered marriage is more than just mealtime prayers or keeping Christian radio preset on your car stereo. It means inviting Jesus into every corner of your life together. If you’re eager for more of Him in your hearts and home, we encourage you to weave these five patterns into the fabric of your marriage:

Read the article here!


#9: Episode 64: Repairing the Slow Fades in Your Marriage—with Mark & Jill Savage

We know many couples who have split up or who are seriously questioning their future together, and the one thing that is crystal clear with all of them is that their relationship did not break down overnight. In this episode, Mark & Jill Savage are sharing their personal story of repairing their marriage, the slow fades that can erode a marriage, the difference between forgiveness and making amends, and much more!

Listen to the episode here!


#10: 4 Ways to Navigate Stress as a Couple

It’s no secret that stress will test a marriage relationship like nothing else. It can make you tired. Preoccupied. Irritable. Distracted. Pushy or passive. Emotional. Negative. Stress exposes the cracks in our maturity and ability to stay steady in the storm. How can a couple draw closer together instead of letting life’s pressures and problems pull them apart?

Read the article here!


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