Conversation Starters & Jokes for Your Thanksgiving Table

November 17, 2022

Rob & Joanna Teigen

You’ve painted a picture of the perfect Thanksgiving in your mind. You imagine a golden, savory turkey that puts Martha Stewart’s to shame. Cheerful loved ones gather around a table in their Sunday best. Candles glow as you settle in to watch the game with every flavor of dessert at your fingertips. The holiday is relaxing, cozy, and warms your heart with gratitude.

But we all know that reality is a far cry from our Thanksgiving ideals. Chances are, Uncle Joe will dominate the conversation with his political views. The cousins will bicker and spill their cider at the kids’ table. Older relatives will give you “the look” when they see your teen’s tattoo, and said teenager will hide their face in their phone all day long. After hours of cooking, cleaning, and trying to keep the peace, you’ll just want to grab a pie and hide in the garage.

Can you relate?

Before you grab that pie and hide the garage door opener, let us offer you some fun and joy to spread around your table. We, too, want connection. Laughter. Sweet memories. A loving family. Gratitude expressed for God’s kindness to us all. From our home to yours, share these gifts of conversation, humor, and a prayer for a gathering to remember.

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Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

  1. Name one thing you admire about the person sitting on your right.
  2. Describe a favorite memory of time we spent together as a family.
  3. If our family was stranded on a desert island, which five things would you want in your backpack?
  4. Sometimes it’s scary to try new things. Name one fear you’ve overcome.
  5. Which family in a book, movie, or show reminds you of our family?
  6. What makes you feel the most loved: encouraging words, helpful actions, or thoughtful gifts?
  7. Which of our family’s holiday traditions is the most important to you? Can you suggest a new activity to make the season special?
  8. Have a parent or grandparent share which house rules they had to follow as children. Which of those rules do you still keep in your home today?
  9. Share a time when God answered your prayer.
  10. If you had a thousand dollars to donate to charity, who would you support? How can our family help to make the world a better place?

Thanksgiving Jokes & Holiday Humor

Q:  Why was the pumpkin afraid to cross the road?

A:  It didn’t want to be squash-ed.


Q:  So who helped the pumpkin cross the road?

A:  The crossing gourds!


Q:  Why didn’t the scarecrow go back for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner?

A:  He was already stuffed!


Q: Why don’t clumsy people like autumn?

A:  They’re afraid they’ll fall.


Q:  What happened when the turkey got into a fight?

A:  He got the stuffing knocked out of him.


Q:  Why were the pilgrims so popular?

A:  Because Plymouth rocks!


Q:  How did the farmer fix his overalls?

A:  With a pumpkin patch.


Q:  What happened to the chef when he forgot the yams?

A:  He got canned.


Mother:  We’re having your aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving.

Daughter: I was hoping we were having turkey and stuffing!


Q:  Why was the scarecrow embarrassed?

A:  Because he saw the turkey dressing.


Grandma: Why are you chopping up all the dinner rolls?

Grandpa:  Because the doctor told me to cut my carbs.


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Turkey who?

No, turkeys say “gobble, gobble.” Owls say “who.”


Q: Why did the turkey have to go to the principal’s office?

A:  Because it was using fowl language.


Q: What part of the turkey smells the best?

A:  Its nose!


Q: What did one maple leaf say to the other?

A:  I’m falling for you!


A prayer for Thanksgiving:

Father God,


Because of you, we are blessed. Thank you for family, for friendship, and for love. Thank you for strength to endure each day’s struggles and the hope of a future with you. Because of You, we receive forgiveness and second chances. Comfort and help. Protection and care. Wisdom and direction for the road ahead. Your love never fails and you never let us go.


Today and every day, shape us into a grateful family. Make us selfless and kind to one another. Fill us with tenacious love that never gives up, no matter how we let each other down. Protect us from hardship and danger. Show us how to carry one another’s burdens so we never walk alone. Use our family to shine your light of love to a world who needs you desperately. You are the joy of our lives.



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