Episode 89: How to Restore a Joyful Spirit in Your Home—with Tama Fortner

March 12, 2024

Rob & Joanna Teigen

We all have wish lists in life—wishes for bigger houses, more quality time with our spouses, or even just a simple wish for better weather.

While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, we find our spirits dragging when we grow too preoccupied with the parts of life we wish would change. When this mindset takes over, it can prevent us from finding joy in the present.

So what’s the solution?

Our inspiring guest, Tama Fortner, is here to help us find out. Tama is a best-selling writer who has published and contributed to many books that are inspirational for all ages. Her newest book, Everyday Joys Devotional, invites us to experience God in our real day-to-day lives. Tama was moved to write this book during a time of great personal struggle. When her hope was scarce, she asked God for help, and He gave her a strength that empowered her to restore a joyful spirit to her heart and her home.

Tama shares with us:

  • How to start seeing His divine presence even in the ordinary moments of life
  • Advice for setting a positive tone of joy and trust in your household
  • The secret to holding happiness even during the “in-betweens” of life
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation!



Our Takeaways:

1) Happiness is circumstantial, but the joy of the Lord is everlasting. When Tama was struggling to find joy during a difficult life chapter, God helped her to remember that He walks with us throughout all the ups and downs of our journeys. Because He is eternally with us, there’s always joy to be found in the world around us. It can be tempting to see joy as a gift that we should expect to receive from God, but in truth, it is an ongoing experience to be shared with Him.

2) God is a constant in all that surrounds us. The Lord isn’t just present when we open the Bible or worship on Sunday. God’s goodness surrounds us in every moment, and realizing that we are never truly alone starts with opening our eyes to His presence throughout every part of our lives. When Tama is feeling lost, she turns to prayer and asks the Lord to help her truly see all the joy, beauty, and blessings around her.

3) Find joy not in your goals, but in the journey towards them. We often get caught up in a cycle of delayed joy, thinking, “I’ll finally be happy when _________ happens.” But when our whole lives become a waiting game, we never allow ourselves to fully enjoy the moment we’re in. Tama shares that when finds herself in this mindset, she pauses to ponder about the precious things she can cherish about the chapter she’s in right now.

Meet Our Guest

Tama Fortner

Tama Fortner

Tama Fortner is an ECPA award-winning and bestselling author with more than sixty titles to her credit. As a ghostwriter, she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Christian publishing to create inspirational books for children, teens, and adults. She currently lives on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, two children, and a feisty little pup who is convinced he is people too.


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