Prayers for When You’re Feeling…

January 10, 2023

Joanna Teigen

Do you ever want to talk to God but feel unsure of what exactly you want to say to Him? I have been right there as well.

During the heavy moments of life, like when a parenting challenge feels insurmountable, when a loved one is lost, or when the stress of life never seems to ease up, I am grateful for this truth in Romans 8:26: “…In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”

God hears us even when we don’t have the words. Isn’t that an incredible truth?

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in our walk with Christ. Prayer sustains our faith in the God who promises to hear us, care for us, stay with us, and love us relentlessly through it all. It names our needs and calls on the One who can satisfy them. Prayer is the one and only thing we can do that’s guaranteed to make a difference.

Psalm 145:18 says, “The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.” Through prayer, we have the opportunity to speak to the Father, to share our concerns, and most importantly, to align ourselves to His purpose and will.

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Today, I want to share some prayers that you can pray based on an emotion you’re feeling. My hope is that these will simply be conversation starters between you and God, launching pads for your relationship with Him.

Many of these are adapted from our prayer resources here at Growing Home Together. So if you are looking for more, I encourage you to check out 101 Prayers for Women, 101 Prayers for Men, 101 Prayers for Mr. & Mrs., and the Hope for Each Morning Devotional.

Here are prayers for when you’re feeling…


Lord, You know everything the future holds. No hardship or trouble I face will catch You off guard. Because You’re in control of all things, I don’t have to fear tomorrow. You stand ready to meet my needs and catch me before I fall.

Thank you for Your loving care. Like an attentive Father, You watch over me every moment. You know when my resources are running low. If I grow tired, afraid, or discouraged, You draw close to build me up. Your Word holds the wisdom I need for whatever comes my way. Perfect love never lets me go.

I pray I walk in bold confidence because You’re with me. Teach me to abide in You every moment. Let peace and hope fill my life as I grow more and more sure of Your love. Amen.


Lord, in my insecurity, I hunger for affirmation. I’m eager to hear that I’m attractive and interesting. Useful and needed. Skilled and talented. I want to feel wanted, and I’m crushed if my hard work goes unappreciated.

Yet by striving for approval, I become a people-pleaser. I’m tempted to be fake and sacrifice my integrity. I submit to the will of others rather than You. Instead of exalting Your name, I earn praise for myself.

Be glorified in my life, Lord. “[Jesus] must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30). Make me willing to surrender my reputation to love and serve You with all my heart. May my every thought, word, and action give You delight. Amen.


Lord, my mind is flooded with worries today. What if I fail to accomplish what’s expected of me? What if this separation from my loved one never ends? What if the money runs out just when it’s needed most? In the night, anxiety steals my sleep. When daylight comes, I’m weary, distracted, and afraid.

Forgive me for my foolish doubts. Your love never failed in the past and the future is held securely in Your hands. Your Word makes it plain: “[I] do not have because [I] do not ask” (James 4:2).

Teach me to pray at all times. Fill me with gratitude for each day’s mercy and kindness. Let my heart be pure in all I ask as I rely on You for everything. Amen.


Lord, before you saved me, I was dead in sin. I gratified selfish desires and followed my own path. Even though I was made for You, I lived for myself.

Yet I was rescued by Your mercy. When I put my trust in You, You forgave my sin and rebellion. You brought me back from the grave and gave me new life in Jesus. Now that I am made new, I have purpose, meaning, and can experience kingdom living here and now.

I want to take action and fulfill Your wonderful plans until You take me to be with You forever. Never stop Your transforming work until You finish what You started in my life (Philippians 1:6). Amen.


Lord, You say to fix my mind on things above instead of earthly things (Colossians 3:2). Yet the constant bombardment of information coming through my devices fill my mind with ideas and images that damage my spirit and bring me down.

I want to learn to focus my thoughts on whatever aligns with truth, reflects Your beauty, and honors You and others.

Give me courage to say “no” to watching or engaging with anything that is destructive to my mind and faith. Shift my focus to what will grow my inner character. Keep my eyes on You and the beauty and life You’ve created. Fill my thoughts with your wisdom, goodness, and love. Amen.


Lord, I’m afraid of looking foolish. I don’t assume others will understand my problems or care when I struggle. I feel pressure to stand on my own two feet and tackle life on my own. Yet when I face job stress, broken relationships, financial issues, or temptation, You instruct me to seek counsel from godly people around me.

Raise up wise and mature examples for me to follow. Give me courage to bring my decisions and issues into the light by sharing them with those who can help. When I’m given advice, reveal Your will and wisdom in what they have to say.

Give me humility to listen, to receive honest input, and to submit to Your leading in my life. You are my faithful Shepherd who guides my course. Amen.


Lord, I’m overwhelmed and depressed. I feel like one more setback or disappointment will crush me. My faith is fragile as I wait for You to answer my prayers and bring relief. Looking for help and support, I feel alone and unseen by everyone. Only You can rescue me from this pain.

Rekindle the hope in my heart today. Be my Champion who fights my battles and protects me from harm. “Keep my lamp burning” and turn my darkness into light (Psalm 18:28). Restore my trust in Your power that is greater than any obstacle I face. Let me rest in Your love that has never failed me yet.

By Your Spirit, help me to worship. Put words of praise in my mouth for all You’ve done. You are life! Amen.


Lord, I’ve lifted up the same request to You more times than I can count. I feel exhausted from carrying this heavy burden for so long. Hard work, creativity, and others’ advice have failed to move me even one step forward. I feel trapped in this difficulty with no hope of change.

I want to believe You, Lord, when You say You’re here. Help me to trust You’re working in ways You’ll reveal at the perfect time. Fill me with courage to stand firm in the face of the enemy’s lies and temptations to give up and quit. Bring your comfort and encouragement so I “rejoice always, pray without ceasing,” and give thanks in everything (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

I know You are good. Give me strength in the waiting today.


Lord, through Jesus, I’m a new creation. The old me who was helpless in the fight against sin can now choose to live by the Spirit’s power. Yet in this life, I still battle temptations like greed, anger, lust, and bitterness toward others. I want to live as the new person You’ve made me to be, taking control of my thoughts and putting them under Your authority (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Teach me how to walk in the Spirit so I don’t gratify the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:16).

Show me what sins I’m attached to that need to be put to death once and for all. Set me free by Your Spirit, so I stand firm and never let sin run my life again. Amen.


Lord, I need some hope today. I have been worn down by troubles for so long. I feel trapped, tired, and alone. No matter how I try to repair what’s broken, it only seems to grow in difficulty.

Give me faith to believe You’ll come to my rescue. Teach me to be quiet when I’m tempted to explode with worry and frustration. Let me surrender my problems to You instead of searching desperately for solutions on my own. Help me to see You clearly today.

Enable me to wait patiently, trusting Your timing is perfect. You’ll never forget me or leave me alone. Nothing can separate me from Your love. Amen.

My friend, we know life can be tough. It would be a privilege to pray with you for whatever you are navigating right now. Reach out any time and know that Rob and I will take your prayer requests to God, together. Thank you for meeting us here on the blog today—we’re grateful to be walking the journey of faith with you!


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