Prayers and Conversation Starters for the Moms in Your Life

May 2, 2023

Joanna Teigen

Being a mom is no easy task! I’ve seen my fair share of highs and the lows. And many of us know firsthand how Mother’s Day can bring up a whole host of emotions like love, connectedness, grief, and even panic when your orange juice spills onto your toast as breakfast is served in bed.

It can be hard to know what to get the mom in your life and how to encourage and show your appreciation for her. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite conversation starters and prayers specifically for moms! 

You can use these in your Mother’s Day card, to start a meaningful conversation, or to pray over a mom in your life before you start the day. Our Conversation Starter Cards or 101 Prayers for Women make the perfect gift to give to Mom and are available in our online store.

For the mom who is hurting:

Before anything else, I want to lift up a specific prayer for the women whose hearts are hurting this Mother’s Day. For the ones who carry heavy burdens and bruised emotions: 

Lord, I know you are aware of the hearts and situations of every woman who is filled with sorrow, both large and small.


My prayer is that you would surround them with your love and comfort; that they would hear your voice whispering, “It will be alright. I’m here.” He stands ready to mourn with you and give rest to your soul.


May you feel the freedom to play and sing, nap and read, laugh and celebrate your heavenly Father’s deep affection and love for you as His daughter today. You are His. You are loved.



For the mom who likes travel and adventure:

Does she have a taste for wanderlust and is always taking you on crazy, but fun, adventures? Try using this conversation started to start a meaningful conversation:

If money were no object, where you want to travel with our whole family? What would you want to make sure we do while there?

For the mom who needs encouragement:

Us moms do a lot that often goes unnoticed or unappreciated. That’s why it’s important to let the mom in your life know what you admire and appreciate about her character (while showing gratitude for all she does). Have every family member answer this conversation starter:

What are two things you admire about your mom?

For the mom who sets aside her own needs:

Did you know that the Bible tells us in Matthew 6:8 that our Heavenly Father knows what we need even before we ask for it? At times, moms are so busy caring for others that they forget their own needs. But our Father remembers and cares for them!



You know everything the future holds. No hardship or trouble we face will catch you off guard. Because you’re in control of all things, we don’t have to fear tomorrow. You stand ready to meet our needs and catch us before we fall.


Thank you for your loving care. Like an attentive Father, you watch over our every moment. You know when our resources are running low. If we grow tired, afraid, or discouraged, you draw close to build us up. Your Word holds the wisdom we need for whatever comes our way. Perfect love never lets us go.


I pray you bring guidance so we can walk in bold confidence because you’re with us. Teach us to abide in you every moment. Let peace and hope fill our life as we grow more and more sure of your love.



For the mom who is blessed:

As we go through life, we can forget all of the blessings we have been given from our home to our clothes, our children, our marriage, friendships, food, and so much more. Everything that we have been given and enjoy is a blessing from the Lord.



Apart from you, we can’t be fully satisfied. As we look around, it’s easy to sink into discontentment and we find ourselves counting our losses instead of the blessings you’ve given.


Shift our perspective today so we can see your goodness in our lives. You have delivered us from trouble, provided for our needs, and healed our wounds. You listen to our prayers and never leave our side. Set free from guilt and fear, we face the future with hope. You are worthy of all our praise forever! Thank you for your love.



For the mom who is busy:

As we manage schedules, loads of laundry, and making sure our children’s homework is done, we can forget to be more like Mary than Martha (Luke 10:38-42). In the midst of busyness, we need to remember to sit and listen to the voice of Jesus.



It is a joy to serve the people in our lives. Helping, showing hospitality, and carrying others’ burdens lets us put your love into action. Our days are full as the list of needs is never fully met. Yet we can let the demands on our time and attention take our eyes off you.


Help us hear you calling us to sit at your feet and listen to your voice. Open our hands to receive your gift of rest. Give us self-control to quiet ourselves and study your Word. Teach us humility so we cancel our attempts to be all things to all people. Guide us to abide in you, pray without ceasing, and seek your loving face. 



For the mom who loves talking about her kids:

A mother’s heart loves getting to share about her children. When they were young, it was hard not to imagine what they would be when they grew up, what relationships they would form, or if they would travel the world. Take the time to ask the mom in your life this conversation starter to hear some of their heart:

What are your top three hopes and dreams for your kids?

Moms are such an important part of our lives and they do so much to care for us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As you prepare to celebrate the moms in your life on Mother’s Day, we hope you can make her feel especially loved, seen, and appreciated this year!

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