Podcast Episode 5: “The Power of God to Rescue a Marriage in Crisis” Part 1

September 8, 2020

One by one, your vows to one another to “love and to cherish ‘til death do you part” have been broken. You feel unwanted. Betrayed. Hurt and disappointed. You’re ashamed of your spouse’s behavior and the harsh words you’ve spoken. You feel like a failure as you’ve watched your relationship crumble to ruins. All hope for tomorrow is gone.

Our guests for this episode know the pain of a marriage in crisis. Yet Bryan and Shayla Moffitt experienced God’s power as he brought them back from the brink of divorce. Through his Word and his Spirit, he brought healing from alcoholism, adultery, past abuse and bitterness. As he led them to put their faith in Jesus, He restored their relationship from the inside out.

No matter what your marriage is facing today, you’ll find hope in Bryan and Shayla’s story. In this Part 1 of two, they share how their attitudes and choices brought destruction to their relationship.

(Come back for Part 2—you’ll discover how God rescued their marriage, and how he is able to transform your relationship too!)

Meet Our Guests

Bryan and Shayla Moffitt

Bryan and Shayla Moffitt

Bryan and Shayla Moffitt, co-founders of Anguished Hearts, are speakers, writers, parents to the two most adorable kids, and followers of Jesus. Shayla loves coffee and Bryan loves running marathons. They have been best friends for over 22 years and husband and wife for over 20 years.

They use their own life experiences to show that hope can be found no matter the situation, struggle, or sin you’re facing. Anguished Hearts exists to lead broken people into a powerful relationship with Jesus. Their desire is to share the hope of Jesus so others can experience the same forgiveness and freedom that they have.

You can learn more about their story at www.anguishedhearts.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anguishedhearts
Instagram: @AnguishedHearts


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