Podcast Episode 3: Facing the Risk of an Eating Disorder for Your Child

August 11, 2020

In today’s image-driven, social-media saturated culture, our kids face a tough battle for a healthy body image and relationship with food. Our own family encountered the destructive force of eating disorders in a painful way. We’re excited to welcome Jennifer Lane to the podcast today. Her expertise and her own personal story give great hope to families facing the struggle of disordered eating: 

“It was like God turned on a light on in a dark room and showed me the fundamental lies I had been believing since I was a small child, that had only gained momentum as experiences fed the lies. I was able to see that they were lies and was able to replace them with the truth of his Word… The veil had been lifted.”  

Jennifer Lane helps us to understand:

  • The risk factors and causes of eating disorders for our kids.
  • The spiritual, emotional, and physical sides of disordered eating.
  • How to recognize an eating disorder in your child’s life.
  • How a parent can support their child with an eating disorder.
  • How dads can affirm their daughters and build them up.
  • The power of God to set our children totally free from eating disorders.
  • How Jennifer’s personal journey with an eating disorder led to an impactful ministry to girls and women who struggle.

For more on this topic, you can find a recent article here on our blog.

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Meet Our Guest

Jennifer Smith Lane

Jennifer Smith Lane

Jennifer Smith Lane is the president and co-founder of the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance, whose mission is to provide education programs to prevent eating disorders. In addition to her non-profit work, she leads an eating and body image ministry to walk alongside women on their recovery journey and empower them to find freedom in Christ.

Jennifer lives in Michigan, where she enjoys most her role of mom to her three children. Jennifer’s new book, Transformed: Eating and Body Image Renewal God’s Way, helps women identify the spiritual issues keeping them stuck in eating and body image issues. This powerful resource studies what Scripture has to say through inductive Bible study, and it teaches how to use spiritual disciplines to turn to God for rescue. Read more at https://jennifersmithlane.com/ 


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