Podcast Episode 1: Helping Your Kids Cope with Grief

July 14, 2020

As much as we try to shield our kids from pain, they do suffer hurts that deeply impact their hearts and lives. As we’ve walked with our kids through their most overwhelming losses, we’ve often wondered how to help them cope. On the podcast today we welcome Lisa Appelo’s hard-won wisdom from her journey of losing her husband and the father of their seven children.

Lisa Appelo will help us discover:

  • How grief is expressed at kids’ different ages and stages.
  • How she was able to support her kids emotionally while she grieved, too.
  • The surprising ways God can provide and care for our kids when they hurt.
  • How to communicate and parent intentionally when coping with loss.
  • The goodness of God in our most difficult struggles.


Join us

For more encouragement and insight as you care for the soul of your family, meet us at www.growinghometogether.com, and at the Growing Home Together Facebook page.


Meet Our Guest

Lisa Appelo

Lisa Appelo

Lisa Appelo is a speaker, writer and Bible teacher who inspires women to deepen their faith in grief and find hope in the hard. Eight years ago, Lisa became a sudden widow and single mom to 7. She’s passionate about rich Bible study and teaches a weekly ladies Bible class. She’s a speaker with She Found Joy and has been published at Proverbs 31 Ministries, (in)courage, Risen Motherhood, Jennifer Rothschild and more.


As a former litigating attorney, her days are now filled with parenting, ministry, writing, speaking and running enough to justify lots of dark chocolate. Learn more on her site and connect with Lisa on Instagram @lisaappelo.

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