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A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life


Making time to become still before the Lord together is vital to a strong and happy marriage. Written specifically for couples, these five devotions will guide you to a deeper intimacy with each other and with God. The daily insights and advice will help you to grow closer to Him as you reconnect on a spiritual level in your quiet times together.

No matter how much you love your daughter, you can’t be the perfect parent to her—that’s God’s job! That’s why the best thing you can do for a daughter of any age is to bring her needs to God in prayer. Prayer invites the power of God into our daughters’ lives. And the amazing thing is, prayer makes us stronger, wiser, and more peaceful parents along the way.

This devotional is designed to help you trust that God loves your son even more than you do. To bring you hope when your son has lost his way or is struggling with weaknesses or temptations. To lead you to praise God for his power in your son’s life. As you pray through these devotionals over the next week, rest in the knowledge that your son is in God’s hands.

I (Rob) had a passion to connect with my three daughters, but I didn’t have the tools. I knew other dads who felt like me: they loved their girls but felt ill-equipped to connect with them on a deeper level. My hope is that the six dates I suggest in this devotional will help you do just that. Have fun as you strengthen one of the most beautiful and important relationships in your life!