Episode 85: Following Your Dreams as a Couple—with Kathi & Roger Lipp

January 16, 2024

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Before you got married and into the first year of marriage, you probably spent hours dreaming about what your life would look like together. But today those dreams may feel far out of reach. Your marriage may have settled into a predictable routine that seems impossible to get out of. You may even feel like you’re stuck in a rut and have lost your sense of excitement for what the future could hold for you as a couple.

We’ve heard this from many other couples and even felt it at times in our own marriage. But the truth is you still have many exciting years ahead of you! They can be full of exciting adventures and dreams if you take the time to talk with your spouse and dream together.

This is why we are so excited to have our good friends, Kathi & Roger Lipp, on the show today. They know what it is like to dream together and make those dreams become a reality. Kathi is a popular author and speaker as well as a marketing and writing coach. She hosts the popular Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! and the Writing at the Red House Podcast.

Kathi and Roger are also homesteaders who traded their life in the city for the mountain life in California.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Practical tips for discussing your dreams
  • The importance of knowing your limits and triggers
  • How chasing after a dream can bring out the best in you
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation!



Our Takeaways:

1) Start with communication and trust. It’s important to talk with your spouse about your hopes and dreams for the future. Start by having an honest conversation about each of your dreams, and understand that there may be compromises and some testing of the waters before your dream can become shared and then become a reality. You may even find that your shared dream is even better than the one you had originally pictured!

2) Recognize when a dream needs to end. Any dream comes with a level of risk, especially if it involves moving or changing your lifestyle in a drastic way. We need to make sure we have identified at what point the cost outweighs the dream. This point may be when your spouse is overly stressed, when it is no longer financially viable, or something else.

3) Determine if you are idealizing or catastrophizing. It’s important to test out your dream! We tend to idealize our dreams and catastrophize our spouse’s. You can do research, take trips, and determine what aspects of the dream are attractive to you. As an example, you may be attracted to the lifestyle of a homesteader, but find that in reality you are most attracted to raising chickens and having sustainable food sources in your backyard.

Meet Our Guests

Kathi and Roger Lipp

Kathi and Roger Lipp

Kathi and Roger Lipp traded their life in the city to become homesteaders in the mountains of California. Kathi is a popular author, speaker, host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast!, and a writing and marketing coach. Together they live in a red house on their mini-homestead with their dog and eight chickens.

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