Growing Through Prayer – God’s Path for Our Family

Growing Through Prayer - God's Path for Our Family

August 27, 2018

Joanna Teigen

Lord, you’ve marked out a unique path for each one in our family. You’re calling us to work, learn, and grow in new ways. You’re developing our individual gifts as your Spirit stirs dreams and desires in our hearts. We stand at the door, ready to step out into all you have planned.

Even as we feel excited for what’s to come, anxiety is stealing our peace. Give us courage as we trust you’ll be with us wherever we go. (Joshua 1:9) Wash away our fears and doubts. Put our confidence in your strength and power instead of ourselves. Fill us with energy and determination to keep going when we’re tired. Convince our hearts and minds that nothing can ever separate us from your love. (Romans 8:38-39)

Make us willing. Taking up new things means laying other things down. Expose any barriers to following you more fully. Break our attachment to what’s easy and comfortable. Help us to say ‘yes’ to whatever you ask us to do.

Teach us to be humble like Jesus. Set us free from the pressure to impress others—let us work for you and you alone. Make us thankful for every bit of success and skill we gain, knowing you’re the One who makes all things possible. Use this season to equip us as servants and helpers who can bless those around us. Make your name great through all we do and say.

Keep us united to each other and to you. As we scatter each morning to school and work, keep us connected and close. Conquer the idol of self-love in our hearts that puts “me” over “us.” Teach us to keep margin in our days for quiet and rest. Protect us from destructive busyness that crowds out what’s most important—prayer, meditation on your Word, and meaningful time together as a family.

Thank you for calling us your own. Your will for each of us is good, pleasing, and perfect. (Romans 12:2) You’ve prepared good works for us to do that will give our lives purpose and meaning. (Ephesians 2:10) Keep us under your wing as we journey through these days with you.



Show me your ways, Lord,
teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior,
and my hope is in you all day long.
(Psalm 25:4-5)







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