Growing Through Prayer – A Time to Remember

Growing Through Prayer - A Time to Remember

November 12, 2018

Joanna Teigen

Lord, Thanksgiving is more than a day to give thanks. It’s a time to quiet our spirits, gather with the ones we love, and remember the kindness you’ve shown to our family.


We remember your healing. You touched our little ones as they suffered through childhood fevers and “owies.” Therapists and doctors worked for our good under your guiding hand. Broken hearts found comfort and a breath of hope. Relationships torn by hurtful words found reconciliation. You proved your tender power to mend, heal, and restore.


We remember your provision. Our children never went to bed hungry. We cozied up in warm, comfortable homes. Bills and repairs were covered. You gave in abundance so we could make fun memories as a family. In your generosity, we were able to share with others in need. You met our needs plus so much more.


We remember your wisdom. You kept your promise to give direction every time we felt lost or confused. The truth in your Word stood as a signpost pointing the way in our dilemmas and decisions. You told us when to press forward or pull back. A light continuously shined on our path, leading us into your “good, pleasing, and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)


We remember your encouragement. These last months demanded every scrap of bravery we could muster. You met our insecurity, fear, and doubt with assurance you’d be with us every step of the way. Friends and family built us up, sharing your love through their words and help. When the enemy made us feel weak and small, you “rejoiced over us with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17) No matter the rejection, intimidation, or sorrow we faced, we found hope in you.


We remember your mercy. Lord, we have the tragic ability to wound one another. Our words cut deep. Promises are forgotten or denied. We hoard your gifts for ourselves. Ugly pride denies our need for you. Yet through it all, you invite us to confess and receive your love. Every sin and error found compassion and forgiveness in your arms. You met our stubbornness with patience, our foolishness with wise correction, and our disobedience with grace.


We remember you remember us. In the burdens we still carry, in the questions waiting for answers, in the longings unfulfilled, we’re seen. You weep with us, pray for us, and hold us close to your heart. We grab hold of your promise that this night of grief and pain will shine with joy in the morning. (Psalm 30:5) You envelop us in your presence at all times, thinking of us with love every moment. (Psalm 139:7-12, 17-18) We put our faith in you–help is on the way.


November brings a precious season to remember your faithful goodness. Let our thanks and gratitude be an offering of praise to you, Father. May we never forget your faithful, perfect love that never fails.




Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.
Sing to him, sing praise to him;
tell of all his wonderful acts.

Glory in his holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Look to the Lord and his strength;
seek his face always.

Remember the wonders he has done,
his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced,
you his servants, the descendants of Abraham,
his chosen ones, the children of Jacob.

Praise the Lord.

(Psalm 105:1-6, 45)




A Time to Remember


Mr and Mrs Bundle





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