Growing Through Prayer–A New Point of View

A New Point of View

November 4, 2019

Joanna Teigen

Lord, November days grow dark, gloomy, and cold. When my moods match the weather, I need you to give me a new point of view. Fill me with your light so I can be warm and loving to my family.


Clear away the clouds of negative thoughts that fill my mind. Remind me that my kids are a work in progress. Help me to celebrate the small steps they’re making to maturity. Keep me from pessimistic thinking that says They’ll never quit this bad habit. They’re always irresponsible. They’ll never change or overcome today’s challenge. Just as your love “always hopes” and never gives up on me, let me offer the gift of hope and grace to my children. (1 Corinthians 13:7)


Turn my complaining into gratitude. I’m tempted to dwell on what’s missing instead of the countless gifts you’ve given. I focus on how I’m inconvenienced. Overworked. Unappreciated. Bored, broke, or busy. Instead of embracing my family’s affection and laugh-out-loud moments, I throw a pity party for one. Refresh my sense of awe in the lavish love you pour out on me every day. Change my point of view so I see each of my loved ones as priceless gifts from you.


Lord, it’s cold out there in this loud, hectic world. My to-do list feels huge while my strength is too small. The needs around me are greater than I could ever supply. Change my point of view so I depend on you instead of myself. Ease the pressure to be all things to all people as I learn to rest in you. If my child is broken or failing, help me to place them in your hands. When my marriage feels strained, make me faithful to pray and invite your peacemaking power into our home. Show me which goals or tasks to set down so I’m free of the heavy burdens you never asked me to carry.  Teach me the mystery that your grace truly is enough for me in all my weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)


When I became your child, you promised to transform me by renewing my mind. (Romans 12:2) Today, I trust you to “put a new song in my mouth.” (Psalm 40:3) Your Spirit will fill my thoughts with whatever is true and right and lovely so I can think like Jesus. (Philippians 4:8) I’ll have joy that no trials or troubles can take away because I know you are doing a good thing. (James 1:2)


Thank you for the promise of a new point of view. You are my light that shines in the darkness. I love you.





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  1. Kristi Woods

    Heartfelt prayer. <3 I never cease to find my way to Jesus when visiting your blog. Praise God.

    • Joanna Teigen

      Thank you, Kristi! I’m grateful God lifts my eyes to see his love when I get hung up on what I see around me. He’s so, so good.

  2. Lyndsie Suttle

    What beautiful words! I definitely need a new point of view sometimes-especially this time of year!

    • Joanna Teigen

      Thank you, Lyndsie! God is so faithful to keep his promise to transform our minds. I’m glad he doesn’t leave me stuck in negativity or the lies of the enemy. He’s amazing!


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