Episode 8: Interview with Mark Buchanan – How to Walk Your Way Closer to God and Each Other

October 13, 2020

​Stress. Political turmoil. Racial division. Financial hardship. The pain of life’s burdens can shake your faith to the core.

In this year of trouble, relationships struggle too. Couples, families, and friendships suffer from loneliness and conflict with no relief in sight.

Today’s podcast offers great hope in the hurt. Our guest Mark Buchanan shares how the simple act of walking has the power to draw us closer to God and the ones we love most.

Listen as Mark describes:

  • Walking as the spiritual discipline you never heard about at church
  • Why walking is a powerful way to connect deeply with God
  • How walking is a tool to grow and repair our relationships with the ones we love.
  • How walking is not only exercise, but can “exorcise” the darkness from our hearts and minds
  • Why walking is uniquely relevant in this day and age
  • A word of encouragement for those who are unable physically unable to get out and walk


***Comment with “God Walk” on this episode to be entered to win your own copy of Mark Buchanan’s book, God Walk! ***



Meet Our Guest

Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan is a professor and an award-winning author of eight books, including Your God Is Too Safe, The Rest of God, and Spiritual Rhythm. He and his wife, Cheryl, live in Cochrane, Alberta.



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