Episode 54: How to Find the Best Books for Your Kids and Make the Most of Reading Together–with Kristin Wynalda

If you have known us for long, you know our passion for books! Whether reading them, writing them, or sharing authors and titles with you, they’re a huge part of our lives. Books—and reading together—has also made a big impact on our life as a family. We know it’s the same for you. They are a simple but powerful tool to connect with our kids and share the truths of God as well.

Today’s guest, Kristin Wynalda, is here to help us make the most of reading with our kids. As the creator of Big Books, Little Ears, Kristin explains

  • How reading can grow your family’s character and relationships
  • The surprising reason Kristin started reading chapter books to her preschooler
  • Practical tips for choosing the best-of-the-best books for your kids
  • How to address book content that contradicts your values
  • How to spark interest in a reluctant reader
  • Kristin’s top book recommendations for your kids’ summer reading
  • Ways to make reading fun and doable in your busy life

Meet Our Guest

Kristin Wynalda

Kristin Wynalda

Kristin Wynalda likes Agatha Christie mysteries, chai, and her job as a mom of four. She reviews children’s books at BigBooksLittleEars.com. Her reviews are known for looking at secular books through a Christian lens, and theology deep dives of Christian picture books.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @bigbookslittleears.

For a list of the specific books she mentions in today’s episode, check out bigbookslittleears.com/growing-home today!

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