Episode 52: How to Build Up Your Marriage to Survive the Worst Times in Your Life–with Gene and Carol Kent

March 15, 2022

One of the most important questions we’ll ever ask about marriage is this:

Why do some marriages fall apart in a crisis while others develop a stronger bond in the face of the most impossible life pressures?

Each of us wants to grow a relationship that not just survives, but thrives in times of pain and stress. Today’s guests, Carol and Gene Kent, give us encouraging tools to build staying power into our marriage. From their own journey through struggle, they help us understand

  • The shocking crisis that tested the strength of their relationship
  • The “pre-decisions” that prepare your marriage for adversity
  • How to become a team who tackles challenges together
  • How to cultivate an “unoffendable” and forgiving spirit toward one another
  • What it means to trust God—together—to carry you through
  • How to meet each other’s needs when you’re grieving or stressed
  • The healing power of serving others

Meet Our Guests

Gene and Carol Kent

Gene and Carol Kent

Carol and Gene Kent are the founders of Speak Up Ministries, equipping the next generation of speakers and writers. They also founded Speak Up for Hope, a non-profit organization that serves inmates and their families. Carol has authored more than twenty books, and Gene serves as chief operating officer of their ministries.

Together with Cindy and David Lambert, they authored the powerful title Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst to help you grow a marriage that lasts. Visit CarolKent.org to learn more about this book and all the other resources Carol has created to encourage your faith and family.

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