Episode 51: Bill Hendricks and Bev Godby: Giftedness in our Kids

March 1, 2022

Your child was created by God and placed in your family—and in this world—for a unique purpose like no one else. Yet as parents, it can be difficult to understand our kids’ behavior and point of view. We’re tempted to push our kids into a mold of our own making instead of celebrating the God-given qualities that set them apart.

Today’s guests, Bill Hendricks and Bev Godby, offer their expertise in the area of giftedness to help us understand

  • The unique approach that Bill and Bev utilize to discover the distinctive patterns and gifts in their clients.
  • The true definition of “giftedness” in each of us. (Hint, it’s NOT about talents or achievement!)
  • How children reveal clues about their giftedness from the day they’re born.
  • Practical ways parents can become students of their kids and recognize the gifts God has placed inside.
  • How to help your child grow and thrive in their giftedness.
  • Why discovering your child’s characteristics will help you enjoy and relate with your child in a positive way.
  • A challenge to look for what is right with your child instead of what’s wrong and protect them from shame.
  • Why labels like “shy” or “bossy” are counter-productive to your child.
  • The importance of discovering your own giftedness as a mom or dad.

Meet Our Guests

Bill Hendricks

Bill Hendricks

Bill Hendricks is the President of the Global Center for Giftedness. In addition to his practice at The Giftedness Center, Bill serves as the Executive Director for Christian Leadership at The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. Bill is the proud father of three grown daughters by his late wife Nancy, and is married to Lynn Turpin Hendricks.

Bev Godby

Bev Godby

Bev Godby is a senior associate and coach at The Giftedness Center in Dallas, Texas. A former educator and audiologist, she is particularly attuned to how the giftedness of her clients expresses itself in the whole of their life narrative and relationships. Bev is the mother of three grown daughters and is married to Dr. Dale Godby, a clinical psychologist.

Together they authored a new book titled So How Do I Parent This Child to help us know and celebrate our kids. Visit their website here to learn more about parenting, your child’s giftedness, and how to get a copy of the book for yourself!

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