Episode 47: How to Help Your Kids Grow Up with Joy and Confidence–with Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey

January 11, 2022

We’re excited to welcome Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey back to the show today, to teach us the impact of joy on our kids’ confidence, happiness, and confidence to do hard things.

If your child is struggling with difficult emotions on their road to maturity, don’t miss the great insight to understand

  • How to build your kids’ “emotional immune system” to cope with life challenges
  • Strategies to raise kids who step out with confidence
  • Why God created families to experience joy together
  • Common fears and insecurities parents need to overcome
  • How to meet your child in the middle of their struggles and emotions
  • The impact of emotional maturity—or immaturity—on your child’s future

Meet Our Guests

Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey

Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey

Dr. Marcus Warner is a conference speaker and author who has spent over thirty years helping people and organizations navigate some of life’s toughest challenges. As the president of Deeper Walk International, he has helped develop dozens of resources that deal with recovery, leadership, and family life.

Rev. Chris M. Coursey is the president of THRIVEtoday, a non-profit ministry focusing on training leaders and communities in the nineteen skills that make relationships work. Chris is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, published author, curriculum designer and international speaker. Chris is the husband of Jen and the father of two young boys, Matthew and Andrew.

Marcus and Chris created The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids to help your family grow in joy and thrive together.

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