Episode 42: How a Mom Can Connect with Her Son and Build a Foundation of Faith in His Life–with Christie Thomas

November 9, 2021

In our full days of homework and errands, after-school activities and to-do lists, it can feel like our boys’ childhoods are rushing by. Yet we crave meaningful moments of connection with our sons. We want to share laughter, make memories, and speak truth into their hearts and minds. As moms, we wonder how to draw close and help our sons to know the God who loves them even more than we do.

Today’s guest, Christie Thomas, shares a mom-to-mom conversation with Joanna about relating with our boys. She offers personal insight as she shares

  • Practical ways to bond with your son
  • Help for moms who struggle to be a playmate to their child
  • How to overcome insecurity when you don’t hold all the answers to your son’s faith questions
  • Creative ways to help our boys grasp the reality of God
  • How to build a consistent, simple devotional routine for your family
  • The powerful, heartfelt messages in her children’s books and devotions for moms and sons
  • How to meet our kids in their hurts and losses
  • How to create margin to learn from God in your own life as a mother

Meet Our Guest

Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas is a wife and mom of three boys, an author, and the creator of Little Shoots, Deep Roots, an online community dedicated to helping moms connect with their sons and confidently disciple them in Christ.

Christie is the author of wonderful resources for families including children’s books, Bible studies, and devotionals to share together. The Mother and Son Prayer Journal is a powerful tool to share with your son, inspiring him to become a young man after God’s own heart.

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