Episode 41: How to Build Up Your Child’s Heart in a World That Tears Them Down–with Jamie Ivey

November 2, 2021

A fun, snowy day of sledding ended in broken bones for our young daughter. The following weeks held an hours-long surgery, isolation at home, and painful bullying after her re-entry into her classroom. We watched our child lose her smile. Her confidence. Her assurance that she was strong, wanted, and truly loved.

Every child will face threats to their sense of worth. They’re pressed into a mold that says achievement equals acceptance and image earns inclusion. Without the truth of who God says they are, our kids will struggle to know they are purposed and precious to the One who made them.

Today’s guest, Jamie Ivey, is here with a powerful message of hope for moms and dads who want to build up their child’s heart. She helps us to understand

  • Why all of us need to be reminded of our value and purpose as God’s children
  • What led her to write her uplifting book for children
  • Why young kids are particularly open to receive God’s truth of who they are
  • The unique role of parents in building a sturdy foundation for their kids’ identity
  • Why you and your kids absolutely matter in God’s kingdom
  • How to meet your children in the hardest places of asking who they are

Meet Our Guest

Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey loves creating things that help people believe the truths about who God made them to be. She does this mostly through her popular podcast, “The Happy Hour” and the new YouTube show, The Jamie Ivey Show, and through multiple books geared towards women.

Now she’s taking this passion to a younger generation with her book, God Made You to Be You. As a mama to four kids, she knows the value in kids learning at a young age that God made them to be themselves! Her whole family plus two dogs live in Austin, Texas, and they all love to visit the West Texas desert as often as possible!

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