Episode 40: How Love Can Unlock the Door to Learning for Your Child–with Janet Newberry

October 19, 2021

Before your son or daughter even started kindergarten, you dreamed of all they’d do. You imagined an excitement to learn, fun friendships, and positive teachers who cherished your child and brought out their best.

Yet perhaps you’re like many parents who grieve the gap between your hopes and expectations and the tough realities your child is facing at school. Pressure to perform is crushing your child emotionally. Learning or behavior struggles attach negative labels to your child’s identity. Maybe your child is so discouraged or frustrated that they want to give up and quit.

Today’s guest, Janet Newberry, brings a powerful hope and insight for your family today. As an educator, school administrator, author, and consultant, she helps us to understand

  • The “performance injuries” our kids suffer at school
  • The impact of fear and stress on our kids’ learning, maturity, and happiness
  • How to help our kids take hold of their “why” and purpose
  • Why struggle is something to embrace—not avoid—in learning
  • Why typical behavior modification methods do more harm than good
  • How to navigate the tough decision of where to send your child to school
  • The powerful connection between love and learning for our children

Meet Our Guest

Janet Newberry

Janet Newberry

Janet Newberry is an educator, consultant, and author who is passionate to transform your child’s growth and learning through the power of loving, supportive relationships. Take hold of Janet’s insights for your family on the Love is Fearless podcast.

Janet’s book, Education by Design, Not Default, is a powerful resource to help parents and teachers to lead their children with love. Be sure to visit john15academy.com for Janet’s online learning community that provides targeted tools, help, and resources for parents to support their child’s education and journey to maturity.

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