Episode 39: How to End the Power Struggles and Connect with your Challenging Child–with Kirk Martin

October 12, 2021

I stood over my screaming child in her bedroom, making it as clear as possible that she was going to wear those pants OR ELSE! After a miserable two-hour tantrum, she was wearing those pants. But the victory in winning that battle was really a defeat of broken trust, hurt feelings, and distance between us.

Do you struggle to relate to your stubborn child? Does your son push your buttons and refuse to cooperate? Would your daughter rather argue that submit to the most simple request? Are your days together filled with stress, conflict, and resentment? In your heart, are you secretly afraid that your strong-willed child faces a future of failure or difficulty?

Today’s guest, Kirk Martin, is here with wisdom and proven strategies to transform your relationship with your challenging child. He explains

  • The moment his relationship with his son, Casey, turned in a whole new direction
  • How he became a popular coach for parents and teachers to relate with the kids in their lives
  • Why the most well-intentioned parents become triggered and lose control
  • The fears and frustration beneath your child’s bad behavior
  • Effective ways to interrupt the negative cycle in your home
  • Tips to take the stress out of homework
  • What it really means to discipline your kids
  • The power of accepting your child for who they are

Meet Our Guest

Kirk Martin

Kirk Martin

Kirk Martin is the founder of CelebrateCalm.com and host of the Calm Parenting Podcast. Kirk and his son, Casey, have helped one million parents stop the defiance, disrespect, and power struggles with the most strong-willed children and kids on the spectrum. Learn more about Kirk’s resources, coaching, and live events at CelebrateCalm.com, Instagram, and Facebook for the help you need today.

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