Episode 38: How to Clean Up the Stress Mess in Your Child’s Body for a Healthy School Year—Interview with Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

September 28, 2021

Headaches. Bad Dreams. Upset tummies. Grumpy moods. Distracted attention. Aches and pains. Sugar cravings. Our kids can show us they’re stressed without even saying a word. As moms and dads, we know the worries and troubles of life can take a toll on our kids’ physical health and well-being.

Today’s guest, Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean, is here to help us understand the effects of stress on our kids’ bodies as they grow. She helps us learn and understand

  • The effects of long-term stress on our kids’ bodies and health
  • The difference between acute and chronic stress
  • How food and nutrition play a part in our kids’ response to stress
  • The important connection between stress and sleep
  • How to use quick, practical stress management tools right in the moment
  • The connection between our spiritual life and our physical well-being
  • Why parents’ own self-care is essential to our child’s sense of peace and calm
  • Where to take hold of more tips and tools to help your kids manage stress

Meet Our Guest

Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean is a Functional Medicine Health Care Provider who knows how much damage chronic stress can do to the body, mind, and spirit. She always seeks the root cause of a health problem, which often comes from underlying chronic stress.

As a practitioner and writer, Dr. Kate has created powerful tools to help her clients manage stress and move toward greater health. She created the “Stress Less Starter Kit” as your first step toward whole-person, Functional Medicine, healthy stress relief. You’ll also find recipes, blog articles, and links for your own personal health consultation.

Make sure to watch this video with your kids to learn—together—how to manage stress this school year! You can also take hold of Dr. Kate’s Calm Kiddos Lunch Planner and the awesome stress-busting supplement she shares on the show.

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