Episode 30: What Every Dad Needs to Tackle the Tough Task of Fatherhood — Interview with Becky Thompson and Dr. Mark Pitts

June 15, 2021

Even the most bold, assertive, and confident man feels the heavy burdens and fears that come with fathering kids in these challenging times. He wonders Do I have what it takes? Who is the right example to follow? How do I measure up to God’s perfect example of fatherhood? What does it take to be a success? Am I the only one who struggles? Who will walk this road of parenting with me?

Today’s guests, Becky Thompson and Mark Pitts, are here to share the one most important source of help and encouragement that every dad needs. They help us to understand

  • How—and why—the Midnight Mom and Midnight Dad communities were born and have grown to encourage so many.
  • How a dad’s needs are different from a mother’s as he raises his kids.
  • What a dad needs to tackle the tough task of fatherhood in these challenging times.
  • How a close relationship with Father God equips a dad to parent his kids.
  • How to move past the insecurity of knowing you can’t be a perfect parent.
  • The powerful motivation to keep reaching for more in your life as a dad.
  • How to grow in your confidence to pray for your kids.
  • How community with other dads is a game-changer in the life of a father

Meet Our Guests

Becky Thompson and Dr. Mark Pitts

Becky Thompson and Dr. Mark Pitts

Becky Thompson and Dr. Mark R. Pitts are the father-daughter duo behind the Midnight Dad online community, that encourages fathers with short, powerful prayers every night at midnight. Modeled off the runaway success of Midnight Mom, which has over 1.3 million followers, Midnight Dad meets fathers where they are and assures them that they are exactly who God chose as ‘dad’ for their family.

The pair have written a new devotional, Midnight Dad Devotional: 100 Devotions and Prayers to Connect Dads Just Like You to the Father

It gives dads a sense of connection with other fathers, strength for each night and the day ahead, wisdom from the Bible for tough situations, affirmation of the importance of their role, and the reassurance that God is with them.

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