Episode 29: How You Can Find the Path to Happiness in Your Miserable Marriage — Interview with Toni Nieuwhof

Pain and stress, unresolved conflict, and past traumas can lead even the most committed couple to the brink of divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse—or a couple you know—is feeling so hurt and disconnected you wonder how to carry on. In your heart of hearts, you’re tempted to give up and walk away from your relationship.

Today’s guest, Toni Nieuwhof, knows what it’s like to feel wounded and hopeless in her marriage. As a divorce attorney who experienced dramatic healing and joy in her own marriage, she brings a powerful and practical word of hope for couples. In this heartfelt conversation, Toni shares:

  • How Toni and her husband reached a breaking point in their marriage
  • How as a divorce attorney, she witnessed the pain and regret on the other side of splitting up
  • What it’s like to feel stuck in survival mode in your marriage
  • How to make a plan to reconnect and build the bond between you
  • The lies that keep you from a healthy, happy relationship
  • How to finally break the negative cycle of conflict
  • The power of shared experiences to build intimacy

Meet Our Guest

Toni Nieuwhof

Toni Nieuwhof

Toni Nieuwhof is a family law mediator, former divorce attorney and co-host of the Smart Family Podcast. She is the wife of Carey Nieuwhof, who is an influential leadership author and podcaster, and international speaker. Toni and Carey have spoken publicly about their marriage of more than three decades. In her downtime, Toni enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with Carey, their two grown sons, and their extended family and friends. Visit her online at www.ToniNieuwhof.com.

For practical help on how to find what you really want for the future of your marriage, take hold of Toni’s powerful book, Before You Split. Enter to win your very own copy by leaving the comment “Before You Split” on this post today!

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