Episode 28: How a Dad’s Simple Letter to His Child Can Change Their Life Forever — Interview with Blake Brewer

Today’s guest, Blake Brewer, faced unspeakable tragedy at the age of nineteen when his father died in his arms. Later that same day, he discovered his dad had provided an unexpected gift in the form of a letter to Blake and his siblings. The letter became a lifeline that permanently connected Blake to his dad’s wisdom, encouragement, and love. That life-changing experience prepared Blake to help you write a legacy letter to your own child today.

In Blake’s conversation with Rob, he shares

  • What drives him to be the best dad he can be to his three children
  • How Blake’s dad made a huge impact on his life, faith, and future
  • The hopes and needs only a dad can meet for his child
  • The powerful impact of a father’s voice in his child’s life
  • Three things every son and daughter need to hear from their dad
  • Blake’s simple, effective strategy to help you create a “legacy letter” for your kids

Meet Our Guest

Blake Brewer

Blake Brewer

Blake Brewer is a writer, speaker, and father of three who served for over a decade in campus ministry with Student Mobilization. He founded The Endurance to equip dads to leave a legacy of love, wisdom, and spiritual encouragement for their children.

At The Endurance you can join the Legacy Letter Challenge with other dads just like you. Blake’s tools, coaching, and community support will give you all you need to write a legacy letter to impact your kids for life.

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