Episode 26: How to Talk with Your Kids About the Tough Issues They Face — Interview with Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins

As parents of five kids, now ages 10 to 27, we’ve been blindsided by every kind of tough question over the years. You know the kind of questions we’re talking about: Where do babies come from? When can I have my own smartphone? Why does that family have two moms? What’s going on with the riots on the news? It’s tempting to dodge the questions instead of talking with your kids about the tough issues they face.

Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins are here with a word of a hope and a powerful new book to share. They help us understand

  • How God grew Jimmy and Kristin’s family and led them to write a parenting book
  • Why parents can go all-in to embrace their unique role in their kids’ lives
  • How knowing God’s design for his world equips us for gospel conversations with our children
  • How to use the “Three Circles” tool as a map to communicate effectively with your kids
  • The transformation that comes from understanding the complexity of your son or daughter’s character
  • How to discuss important topics like sexuality, gender, and technology in a way that connects with your child’s heart

Meet Our Guests

Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins

Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins

Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins have been married for twenty-six years and have eight children. They have served at Family Church in South Florida since Jimmy became the lead pastor in July 2008. The Scroggins family is passionate about Family Church’s mission to build families by helping them discover and pursue God’s design. Jimmy also serves as a visiting seminary professor and Kristin co-leads The Mom Village Podcast at familychurchnetwork.com.

Jimmy and Kristin’s book, Full-Circle Parenting, will give you a “conversation map” to work through any tough conversations you have with your children. Whether it’s substance abuse or sex, “mean girls” or technology, you’ll be equipped to stay in the game and share gospel conversations as they grow.

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