Episode 25: How to Grow a Strong Marriage Through the Changes of Life — Interview with Cheri Fletcher

April 27, 2021

Our life as a couple brings one transition after another. For Rob and I, we’ve added babies to our family and sent young adults out into the world. Job changes sent us cross-country and turned our routines upside-down. For years Joanna was a stay-at-home homeschooling parent, but now she’s working and sending our son off to school each day. Like us, you’ve had to face the changes of life as a couple. Those transitions can pull you together or create stress that drives you apart.

That’s why we’re happy to welcome our guest Cheri Fletcher to the podcast today. Cheri and her husband Todd have experienced empty nesting and a crisis that forced them to change their lives in nearly every way. Cheri is here with great experience to help us understand

  • The unforeseen events that forced Cheri and Todd to change their lives
  • The losses and grief that come with change
  • How God holds on to you so you don’t have to stay strong by yourself
  • How to grow in empathy for each other’s unique needs and emotions
  • How to approach life’s changes as a team
  • Why you can celebrate the “new” God is putting in your life
  • The ways a couple can “divorce-proof” their relationship in times of loss and change

Meet Our Guest

Cheri Fletcher

Cheri Fletcher

Cheri Fletcher is a writer, speaker, singer, and the host of Your Spiritual Game Plan podcast. She loves to help women develop a spiritual game plan so they can live out the purpose God created for them.  She wants to share the message of just how intentionally you were made to be a part of God’s plan. Through her writings, speaking, and podcast, it is her desire to equip you with an understanding of the enemy’s plot against that very plan.

Cheri and her husband Todd are empty nesters and have just moved from Seattle, WA, to Cleveland, Tennessee. They have three grown children and one dog, Libby. Cheri enjoys running and walking with friends.  She will also invite you in for coffee no matter what state her kitchen is in!

To grow closer to your spouse and each other through every season of life, take hold of Rob and Joanna’s powerful resource, Mr. & Mrs.: 366 Devotions for Couples.

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