Episode 20: How to Build a Christian Home if You Never Had One — Interview with Mary DeMuth

March 2, 2021

Since the day you fell in love and married, you carried a dream in your heart. More than anything you want to build a Christian home full of faith and the goodness of God. Yet like so many couples, you have no blueprints from your past to guide your way. God’s truth and his ways were painfully absent from your upbringing. You feel scared and insecure about how to put Christ in the center of your home and love each other like Jesus.

Todays guest, Mary DeMuth, knows what it’s like to build a loving, godly home out of the ashes of the past. She offers hope as she helps us to understand:

  • How Mary’s traumatic childhood motivated her to create a new vision for her family life.
  • The struggles “pioneer parents” face as first-generation Christians in their families.
  • The pitfalls of perfectionism in our marriage and parenting.
  • Why pursuing your own healing is the best gift you can give your family.
  • The power of forgiveness to change your life and home.
  • The value of mentors and examples to follow.
  • How to set healthy boundaries so you can “leave and cleave” and support one another.
  • How God’s kindness and prayer make all the difference.

Meet Our Guest

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is an author, artist, literary agent, and the host of the popular podcast, Pray Every Day. She and her husband, Patrick, are the parents of three adult children and make their home in Texas.

Mary’s passion is to give you hope through her story: “Not only have I been re-stored and restoried, but I long to see the same for you. You no longer have to live haunted. I believe your new story starts today. It’s time to heal, be set free, and find the new story God has for us. Won’t you join me on the adventure?” Discover Mary’s resources for you at marydemuth.com.

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As you build your Christian home and marriage, we created this powerful resource to help you grow closer to God and each other:

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