Episode 19: How to Help Your Child Cope with Trauma — Interview with Mike and Kristin Berry

February 23, 2021

Ten years ago we began a new journey into foster parenting that would grow our family with the adoption of our youngest child. We didn’t know then how little we understood the realities of childhood trauma. Learning how to understand our son’s emotions—and the behaviors they triggered—has challenged us in our parenting like nothing else.

Perhaps your own child has suffered separation from birth parents or the loss of a loved one. A traumatic accident or lengthy hospital stay, or a painful crisis your family never saw coming. In the overwhelm of sad or anxious emotions, perhaps your child is acting out in negative or destructive ways. You want to meet your child in their struggle but you simply don’t know where to begin. You’re discouraged, confused, and desperate for help.

Today’s guests, Mike and Kristin Berry, bring a powerful word of hope for parents whose children have suffered trauma. They speak to all of us “friend to friend” and equip us to

  • Understand how trauma changes a child’s brain in fundamental ways
  • Identify the issues that keep children from securely attaching to their caregivers
  • Interpret the emotions and needs that are underneath your child’s negative behavior
  • Respond in a fresh, effective way to our children’s trauma
  • Create a foundation of calm, firm parenting to provide security for our kids

Mike and Kristin are the authors of The Adoptive Parent Toolbox and their latest title, Securely Attached: How Understanding Childhood Trauma Will Transform Your Parenting. As the creators of The Honestly Adoption Company, their podcast, training courses, and practical resources will provide you with the tools and insight you need to help you thrive as a parent and transform your family.

To win your own copy of Mike and Kristin’s book, Securely Attached, simply reply to this email with your name and “Securely Attached.” We will enter you in the drawing, and the winner will be announced on March 10!

Meet Our Guests

Mike and Kristin Berry

Mike and Kristin Berry

Mike and Kristin Berry have been married for more than twenty years and are the parents of eight adopted children. Their mission is simple – to offer hope to adoptive, foster, and special needs parents who feel weary, overwhelmed and frustrated, and to let them know they’re not alone.

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