Episode 18: How to Keep the Love Alive in Your Marriage Every Day – Interview with Jason and Terri Earls

February 9, 2021

Rob did the math, and discovered that we’ve shared 10,552 days of our lives together as a couple! That’s a LOT of time to spend raising kids, growing careers, coping with pain and struggles, and seeing the good, bad, and ugly in one another. It’s just as true today as 29 years ago—it takes effort and intention to keep the love alive between us.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome Jason and Terri Earls to the podcast today. Jason and Terri encourage couples through comedy and in-depth teaching to discover:

  • How their friendship grew into love in the beginning of their story
  • What makes Jason a “comedian familiologist” who partners with Terri to encourage couples in their life together
  • The connection between laughter and learning
  • The need for “pit stops” to keep your relationship from breaking down on the road
  • How to embrace your differences
  • The importance of becoming each other’s safe place to be vulnerable
  • How God moves through humility in your marriage

Meet Our Guests

Jason and Terri Earls

Jason and Terri Earls

Jason and Terri Earls are popular speakers who coach couples to build strong marriages. They are the creators of the upcoming “Marriage DNA course at marriagedna.com and are parents to six amazing kids. Follow their marriage ministry on Instagram at @marriagedna to learn more.

Jason is an award-winning comedian who has brought laughter to audiences around the world. He knows the power of humor to convey deep, life-changing truth. You can connect with Jason and find a reason to smile at jasonearls.com and his YouTube.com/Jason Earls. Make sure to check out his Facebook page too.


To help you grow in your marriage every day of the year, Rob and Joanna created Mr. and Mrs: 366 Devotions for Couples. Connect with God and each other for a love that lasts.

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