Episode 17: How to Grow and Flourish as a Mom When Life is Hard: Interview with Bethany Howard

February 2, 2021

The exhausting realities of the past year exposed our fears and limits like nothing we can remember. As moms, we have felt overwhelmed and tired. Lonely and restless. Sad and even helpless in the face of our families’ struggles. We’ve moved into survival mode, pushing our dreams, needs, and growth to the back burner.

What happens to our hearts when life is hard? Do we grit our teeth and press on, trying to be all things to all people? Does our identity get buried under the needs of those around us? Where do our passions and feelings fit into the puzzle of our life? What are God’s thoughts toward us as his daughters?

Today’s guest, Bethany Howard, brings us a refreshing perspective on our identity, our emotions, and our purpose as women. She shares:

  • Her personal discovery of her passion and purpose, and how she wrote a book during a pandemic!
  • How to become attentive to your inner thoughts, needs, and emotions
  • How to embrace God’s transforming work in your life
  • Why perfectionism is a barrier to moving forward
  • Why emotions are our “superpower” as women and moms
  • How embracing your calling becomes a gift to the ones you love
  • How we can show up for each other on our unique journeys


Meet Our Guest

Bethany Howard

Bethany Howard

Bethany Howard is a writer, speaker, and poet whose latest book, Permission Granted, invites you into a journey of  embracing who you are, cultivating courage, and encouraging you to engage in the community that surrounds you.

Bethany has been married for 20 years and is mom to three little people who are growing to be less little every day. The dog, the cat, and her four immediate family members all do their part to chisel her into the person she has the potential to be. She enjoys coffee, music, chocolate, shopping, laughing, reading, writing, and sometimes running but never cleaning. She and her family make their home in Atlanta, GA. Connect with Bethany at bethanyhoward.com and on Facebook here.

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