Episode 15: How to Be a Good Man, and Raise One Too – Interview w/Nathan Clarkson and Josh Teigen

January 5, 2021

Deep down, you want more than anything to be a good man. A man of courage and self-discipline. Of character and integrity. Of wisdom, insight, and faith. You want to be the kind of man your friends and family can count on when life is tough. You’re eager to see admiration in your wife’s eyes and joy in your kids when you walk through the door. Yet with all the pressures and shame you feel from inside and the world around you, you feel far from the man you wish you could be.

Joining Rob and his son Josh today, guest Nathan Clarkson offers a signpost to point the way to becoming a good man. With honesty and insight, he helps men to understand:

  • What inspired Nathan to write about the issues men face
  • How men “living wrongly” affect everyone in their life
  • Why men are losing their identity in our culture
  • The powerful role of community and friendship in men’s lives
  • The way to become the hero of your own life story
  • How sexuality can be restored to the rightness of God’s design
  • How to instill “good man” qualities into your son

Meet Our Guests

Nathan Clarkson and Josh Teigen

Nathan Clarkson (www.clarksonfamily.com/nathan) is an actor, author, filmmaker, artist, poet, and full-time wannabe philosopher. He is the coauthor of the bestselling book Different and has acted in numerous popular TV shows and films. Nathan lives in New York City but can often be found in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, or adventuring around the country and world speaking and sharing his passion for helping people better know their Creator and the story He has for them to tell.


Josh Teigen is Rob’s oldest son and the husband of four years to his wife, Cassie. Since pursuing studies in psychology and theology, Josh is an active volunteer and leader at his local church. He founded the nonprofit organization Banner Media (bannermediagroup.org), whose mission is to create high-quality digital media that shares powerful, personal testimonies of God engaging with people today.



To win your own copy of Nathan’s latest book, “Good Man: An Honest Journey into Discovering Who Men Were Actually Created to Be,” leave a comment with your name and GOOD MAN. You’ll be entered in a drawing with the winner chosen on January 31, 2021.

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