Episode 14: How to Put the Passion Back Into Your Love Life — Interview with Bill and Pam Farrel

December 29, 2020

At the end of this long year, perhaps your marriage feels battered and bruised. Stressors, losses, and obstacles have tested your vow to cherish and love one another “for better or worse.” Affection gives way to irritation. Warmth is chilled by cold distance. Passion and intimacy fall away, leaving you with empty arms and lonely nights.

Today our guests Bill and Pam Farrel offer hope to couples who want to rekindle the passion in their relationship. They bring years of expertise as marriage speakers and writers—and their own decades of shared life together—to bring this hope and wisdom today:

  • How God brought Bill and Pam together and gave them a vision for their relationship.
  • Why sexual intimacy is so powerful and important in your marriage.
  • The pitfalls that keep couples from sustaining “red-hot monogamy.”
  • How to open up communication about your love life.
  • How sexual intimacy can thrive and grow through every stage of life together.
  • How your love can shine the light of Christ to others.

Bill and Pam have also created an amazing devotional planner to help you grow a successful and intimate marriage. Simply comment on this podcast post with your name and “Marriage Meet Ups” to enter our drawing for your own copies!

Meet Our Guests

Bill and Pam Farrel

Bill and Pam Farrel

Bill and Pam Farrel inspire audiences around the world to live better, laugh often and love skillfully. It has often been said, “More is caught than taught,” and this is the secret to Bill and Pam’s effectiveness. They are a real couple helping real couples. As couples watch Bill and Pam present, they see a couple in action, experience the kind of support that builds trust in relationships and can visualize their own success. Bill and Pam don’t just teach about marriage, they demonstrate it for their audiences. Learn more about Bill and Pam’s wide collection of books and messages at http://www.love-wise.com.

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