Episode 12: How a Dad Can Build a Close Connection With His Daughter

December 1, 2020

If most dads are honest, they carry a truckload of insecurity about parenting their daughters. They wonder, How do I know if I’m the dad she needs? Why won’t she open up and talk to me? How do I show I love her even when I don’t like her choices? What difference can I really make in her life, anyway?

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome today’s guest, Michelle Watson-Canfield. Michelle has marked a path for any dad to follow that leads right to his daughter’s heart. She offers powerful, practical insight as she shares:

  • How God led Michelle to her ministry as a “coach” for dads of daughters
  • Creative, intentional ways to help your daughter open up and talk
  • What holds men back from stepping up to lead their families
  • How a dad can build a bridge to a daughter who’s distant or hard to understand
  • The impact of a dad’s love on a girl’s emotional health, identity, and confidence
  • How to make amends if you’ve wounded your daughter’s heart
  • How a girl’s dad can introduce her to Father God


Dad, this is one episode you don’t want to miss!

Meet Our Guest

Dr. Michelle Watson-Canfield

Dr. Michelle Watson-Canfield

Dr. Michelle Watson-Canfield is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, author, and radio host of “The Dad Whisperer.” She is the co-chair–with her husband, Ken–of the Dad-Daughter Division of the National Center for Fathering. Michelle is also the founder of the Abba Project, a group forum for dads with daughters. She is passionate to equip and inspire fathers to dial in to their daughters’ hearts.

Take hold of Dr. Michelle’s latest book, Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Dads and Daughters, and her other powerful resources at www.drmichellewatson.com

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