What My Daughter Really Wants for Christmas…

What My Daughter Really Wants for Christmas...

December 21, 2017

Joanna Teigen

With three daughters, we’ve spent a lot of hours (and dollars!) Christmas shopping over the years. They’ve torn open shiny packages of stuffed animals and toys. Cute sweaters. Sparkly jewelry. Candy, fluffy slippers, and gift cards. Each year brings a lot of fun around the Christmas tree, but nothing we buy can really satisfy their hearts. We’ve found what each daughter really wants for Christmas won’t fit in a box with a bow. Here are five gifts that truly touch her heart:


A Silent Night

She needs time to be quiet, rest, and slow down her crazy pace. Relief from the demands of homework, appointments, and practices. A night with no alarm set for another early morning. She needs to close her laptop and unplug from the nonstop frenzy of social media. A girl will be refreshed with some fuzzy pj’s, her animals snuggled up beside her, and nowhere she has to be.


Comfort and joy

A break from the girl drama at school. Some extra hugs and reassurance that she’s loved and liked no matter what the current gossip may say. A warm feeling of being included in the heart of your home when she’s feeling left out and alone at school.


Packages and bows

Instead of more and more stuff, she wants a gift just for her. Something unique that represents her interests and passions.  A present that shows you see her, hear her, and know what gives her joy. It’s not about spending a lot of money or cramming boxes beneath the tree—it’s a gift that represents who she is and the person she’s becoming.


Joy to the World

Our girls have a beautiful heart to care for others. Create opportunities for your daughter to share her time and material blessings with those who struggle during the holidays. Serve at a shelter, wrap gifts for foster kids, or bake cookies for a shut-in neighbor. Allow her focus to turn outward, to bring joy to a broken world.


Glad tidings

We’ve heard a lot of bad news this year. Natural disasters, acts of violence, and political turmoil dominate the headlines. In the midst of the stress, our daughter needs to hear the good news of Jesus’ love. He will keep his promise to return and make everything new. He will meet her pain with peace, comfort, and hope for tomorrow. Make time to worship and remember Emmanuel, God with us.


As you celebrate the season with your own special girl, we pray for her heart to be filled with joy.  May you and your daughter have a truly merry and blessed Christmas.


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