Episode 76: Handling Anxiety in Motherhood—with Courtney Devich

August 15, 2023

Joanna Teigen

I have to be honest with you. This month is just giving me all the excuses to lay awake at night and worry about my kids. I have one that is headed into middle school and it’s just so easy to spiral into worrying about his friend group, how he is going to manage academically, and what kinds of influences might drag him down this year. Not to mention we have a daughter who is moving away to college for the first time.

I think we would all agree that parenthood brings one worry after another. But how do we tell when our worry is something more? How do we recognize when we have a mental health issue with anxiety? And if we do, how do we cope as moms and dads? How does it affect our faith in God?

To help us answer these questions is my guest, Courtney Devich. Courtney is a former human resources professional who is using her leadership skills to manage her three kids as a stay-at-home mom. She has authored a new book called Mama’s Got Anxiety: But It’s Not Going to Steal Her Joy. In this book, Courtney shares her story and so much insight to encourage moms who struggle with anxiety or depression.

Courtney shares with us:

  • The difference between “mom worry” and anxiety
  • If anxiety should be considered a faith issue
  • How to help your kids understand anxiety in age-appropriate ways
  • And more!

We hope this conversation helps you navigate worries and stressors in your everyday life!



Our Takeaways:

1) Anxiety is more than just worrying about your kids. All parents worry about their children. From the day you bring them home from the hospital you worry about if they are eating enough, sleeping enough, or are going to hurt themselves. Anxiety ramps up these worries to a whole new level, and underneath it all is the belief that we are the only ones responsible for preventing those worries from becoming reality. The truth is that we need to take a closer look at what is underneath our worries and in what ways we are neglecting to care for ourselves.

2) It’s not because of a lack of faith. There are many Christians who would say that anxiety is a result of not trusting God enough. However, anxiety is a real mental health condition. You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer or diabetes that their illness is because they aren’t trusting God enough. The same is true of anxiety. It’s not a sin issue or a lack of faith. God designed us to have emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and learning how to cope with them through therapy or medicine in no way diminishes our walk with God.

3) Don’t forget W.O.R.R.Y. when you feel anxious or stressed. W.O.R.R.Y. is an acronym that Courtney mentions in her book and uses in her own life to help manage her worries and stress. It stands for the Word of God, Observe the thought, Retreat from it, Request (pray), and You are not alone. Whether you are experiencing mom worry, anxiety, or even depression, know that you are not the only one experiencing this and that there is help out there for you!

Meet Our Guest

Courtney Devich

Courtney Devich

Courtney Devich is a former HR leader, stay-at-home mom, and author. Using humor, honesty, and relatability, she writes with a heart for the mom struggling with anxiety or depression. She daily relies on Jesus and reheated coffee. You can usually find her in the Starbucks line at her local Target or binge-watching Fixer Upper. Courtney has been married for over six years and has three beautiful children.


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