Episode 59: Creating the Thriving Marriage You Long For—with Chris and Jenni Graebe

October 25, 2022

Rob & Joanna Teigen

This episode was recorded in the midst of a crazy season of our life. From moving homes to health issues to the back-to-school season and much more, it was quite stressful. During seasons like that, it’s no secret that the marriage relationship can get a little tense.

That season of life provided the perfect context for us to have this conversation with Chris and Jenni Graebe, authors of The Rhythm of Us: Create the Thriving Marriage You Long For and hosts of the Rhythm of Us Podcast.

This was such a fun and engaging conversation. In it, Chris and Jenni share with us:

  • How to set a vision for your marriage and introduce habits that will get you there
  • How to stop pointing fingers and start being in rhythm as a couple
  • Why busyness can be one of the greatest joy-killers in marriage
  • Why your differences don’t have to threaten your connection
  • And more!

We hope this conversation encourages you!


Our Takeaways:

1) What is a healthy rhythm for your life and marriage? We loved Chris and Jenni’s focus on the idea of a “rhythm” overall. We don’t think about that enough in marriage! What do we want our life to look like? What are the unhealthy patterns we get into when we’re not intentional? And how can we pursue the vision we have for our family together?

2) Your differences don’t have to threaten your connection. This one right here is a game-changer. Chris and Jenni talked about how they try to leverage the ways each of them are wired. For example, Chris is a morning person and Jenni isn’t. That doesn’t mean that Chris needs to get frustrated when Jenni is still tired in the morning; that is simply a part of how she is wired.

3) Adventure is one of the best ways to increase your connection and dependence on one another. We shared that we have seen this in our daughter’s life as she and her husband have lived the “van life,” traveling across the country. But the way Chris and Jenni put this was so good (and we promise you don’t have to do anything crazy). What would it look like to reintroduce adventure into your marriage?

Meet Our Guest

Chris and Jenni Graebe

Chris and Jenni Graebe

As faith leaders, writers, and hosts of the Rhythm of Us Podcast, Chris and Jenni help encourage couples to move towards the life they long for, offering fresh insights and powerful conversations on the practices that create a life well-lived.

Together, Chris and Jenni have served as pastors in local church ministry for over 13 years, have been married for 17 years, and live deep in the trees in Franklin, TN with their 5 children and golden retriever.

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