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April 26, 2018

Joanna Teigen

In over 25 years of marriage, we’ve had our share of sleepless nights. We’ve worried over jobs, kids, and tough decisions. We’ve felt hurt and angry when we chose to love ourselves more than each other. We’ve faced cross-country moves, financial strain, injuries and illness, and every other kind of stress life could dish out. We asked hard questions in the dark, like, Are we too far apart to find our way back? Is God really in control? Do our lives have any real purpose? Are we going to make it? Every time we took those questions to God in prayer or read what his Word has to say, he gave us the courage to keep going.

Marriage takes guts—to keep our promises and choose love every single day. Faith claims an audacious hope, no matter how tough life gets.  It takes courage to hang on tight to God and each other when the future is uncertain. We know our strength has limits. Fear, doubt, and the lure of the easy road get the best of us over and over. We find our true bravery in Jesus when we get to the end of ourselves.

We invite you to experience a 31-day pursuit of courage as a couple (available to download for free below between April 26th and May 2nd*). God will build up your strength to honor your vows that said “We will love, no matter what.” He’ll rekindle your desire to give and serve others in his name. You’ll be reminded that no matter where you go, he goes too. He’s calling you to a passionate life of following him wherever he leads, whatever the cost. And as you step forward with brave love as a couple, you’ll experience his power and love for you like never before.


Download the 31-Day Devotional*

Click here to download your free copy of Brave Love. We can’t wait to keep growing with you on this beautiful journey called marriage…

Download now - Brave Love

*This offer is available from April 26th, 2018 until 11:59pm on May 2nd, 2018.

**Devotionals are a compilation taken from Mr. & Mrs. 366 Devotions for Couples by Rob & Joanna Teigen.

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