9 Best Picture Books to Share the Gospel with Your Little Ones

9 best picture books

May 21, 2020

Joanna Teigen

As parents of five kids, our greatest hope is that each of our sons and daughters will take hold of the gospel and put their trust in Jesus. We were eager to introduce them to God’s love from the moment they were born. As they grew, we wondered how to share the truth of the Bible. How could the foundations of the faith be explained to young ears in a way they could understand? It was a blessing to discover the gift of picture books to share the gospel with our little ones.

I remember sharing books with our oldest son, Josh, when he was quite young. We created a pattern of reading together each afternoon while his baby sister took her nap. In those quiet, precious moments of story time, his eyes were opened to see Jesus. The pages of those stories helped him understand his need for a savior, and he trusted in Christ as his own Redeemer and King. In awe, I watched God capture his heart through the simple tool of a book.


That’s why today, we’re thrilled to welcome Kristin Wynalda to the blog. She brings valuable experience as a mom of three, a sister in Christ, and a popular curator of faith-filled books for children. She’s compiled a list of the 9 best picture books to share the gospel with your little ones. Let’s grab these great titles and build a powerful library to reach the hearts of the children in our lives!



9 Best Picture Books to Share the Gospel with Your Little Ones



You know that you want to share the good news about Jesus with your kids, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start! How do you convey the most important message in the whole world to little people?

Picture books about the gospel are a great place to start! Why picture books? These books present important truths in an accessible way. Instead of being overwhelming, the gospel becomes understandable in the simple text on their pages.

Although there are lots of great Christian picture books out there, this list focuses on the best ones that specifically share the highlights of the gospel message.

It is my greatest hope that these books help you share the story of Jesus with the little ones in your life!


Board Books to Share the Gospel


Baby’s Special Bible by Corion Oranje

Baby's Special BibleBaby’s Special Bible is illustrated in stark black and white. Though this Christian board book contains the familiar Bible stories, it focuses on what a toddler would find captivating, like the bump-bump-bump of the camel walking along. It is perfect for the littlest listeners to learn about Jesus!





The Biggest Story ABC by Kevin DeYoung

The Biggest Story ABC uses every letter in the alphabet in a sentence to tell the overarching story of the Bible. It takes until the letter R to finally move into the New Testament, but it does eventually get to Jesus. This board book is the best for explaining the whole gospel, from sin to eternity.





The Gospel (Big Theology for Little Hearts) by Devon Provencher

The GospelDo not be fooled by the simple illustrations and sparse text in this board book, The Gospel! There is a lot of wonderful theology packed into this little book. It is the perfect introduction to the gospel for little listeners!





(There are lots more great books like this for babies on my list of Christian picture books that make great baby shower gifts!


Simple Picture Books to Share the Gospel


Found by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Found is based on Psalm 23. The text is an excerpt from The Jesus Storybook Bible, however it has been expanded into this beautiful, large picture book. This book shows kids the most beautiful picture of Christ as our shepherd.





When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner

When God Made YouWhen God Made You is a wonderful picture book to let your kids know that God thinks about them personally. Jesus died for THEM! The prose is childlike, but profound. I recommend it for all ages!





The Big God Story by Michelle Anthony

The Big God StoryThe Big God Story quickly goes through the whole Bible. (I do mean, “THE WHOLE BIBLE.”) The book also weaves Jesus and our need for a redeemer into every story. Although it is meant for preschoolers, it is fairly long. Do not be surprised if it takes you more than one sitting to get through the whole thing. It is an excellent way to tell your kids about the gospel!





More Advanced Picture Books to Share the Gospel


The Prince’s Poison Cup by R. C. Sproul

The Prince’s Poison Cup is an allegory explaining sin and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Children of all ages will be captivated by the exciting story and gorgeous illustrations! However, be aware that it is a “story within a story,” and is a little harder for very young children to follow.






The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross by Carl Lafferton

This picture book about the gospel explains WHY Jesus had to die. I love the pictures – they’re bright and engaging, with people of every color. The focus of the book is “sin separates you from God,” and it connects the story of Eden to the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus, and heaven.





The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung

The text and illustrations play equal roles in The Biggest Story. It is a powerful picture book to share the gospel with children, with vivid descriptions of Jesus, the “Snake-Crusher.” It does tend toward the older crowd, and I recommend this book for mature 6- year-olds and up.






God bless you as you nurture your little one’s faith through reading together!



Kristin WynaldaKristin Wynalda knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed when trying to pass on your faith to your kids, because she has been there! She found reading aloud to be the best way to connect with her children and teach them about Jesus. At Big Books, Little Ears, Kristin equips moms to use books with their kids. There you will find picky book reviews, curated book lists, and no-prep book activities for young kids!


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  1. Kristi Woods

    Love this list! Wish I’d had it when our kids were little. 🙂

  2. Lindsay Leiviska

    So excited to see new titles that I haven’t read yet! The Poison Cup looks incredible! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thank you!

  3. Sara

    Please consider adding “The Gospel of Matthew for Little Ones” to this great list.


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